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Monday, January 31, 2011

Six Weeks and Counting

Food is just nasty stuff. Period. Within about 20 minutes after I eat I start to feel nauseous. But I can't exactly not eat. So I've been playing around with different patterns of eating and food combinations. As it turns out, anything I eat in the morning will make me green no matter what. But! If I just keep eating all the time, when that ick feeling starts to come on I just cram something into my mouth, then I can keep it down. Well, that is except for eggs, corn tortilla chips, and anything tomato-based so far. The smell of beer immediately sends my stomach into hurls.

The Pee-Pee Fairy has finally moved in the last of her things and will be staying for quite some time. If I didn't have to swallow a sizeable fist-full of supplements every night with what feels like a quart of water at 3am then I might be able to manage at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I'm actually not drinking enough water. I need to start making a conscious effort to get in my 10 glasses a day.

The excitement is mounting as I'm anticipating the beginning of my prenatal care. Only about 8 weeks now until I start recording all of the goings on. I bet you are on the dge of your seat too, aren't you? I'm not sure when I want to rent the doppler since it's $20 a month so I might wait a little longer for that. In the meantime I'm 6 weeks pregnant today and Squishy is about 1/4" long with a tiny, little racing heartbeat. There are budding legs and arms developing too. Oh, I can't wait to kiss those tiny fingers and toes!

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