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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Flashes and Cold Flashes and Hormones, Oh My!

I have a feeling we'll be burning through thermostats faster than paper plates over the next 9 months. Temperatures which were previously comfortable to me are no longer tolerable. If you don't know, when a woman is pregnant, her body temperature is elevated by up to a couple of degrees. Mine, however, seems to be all over the board based on the pendulum swing of the poor thermostat. When I go to sleep, I feel too hot so I turn down the thermostat to about 72, toss a leg outside of the comforter and hike up my pantleg with the fan blowing on my skin. Meanwhile, the kids are bundled head to toe in footed fleece pajamas and Josh is curled up all cozy in the comforter, fully clothed. Fast-forward about four or five hours: Holy cow, who turned off the heat? Oh yea, it was me. Crank that puppy up! Wait, first we have to make a pit-stop because the Pee-Pee Fairy has now taken up residence in my body. In a bleary, 3am haze I bump the "up" button on the thermostat a few times until it shows something that looks like 76, I think. Then I feel my way back to bed after I put on my hoodie and socks and pull the comforter all the way up until nothing but my nose is sticking out. This whole fiasco happens during the day too. I change clothes three or four times daily as my body plays this oh-so-fun instant sweat/ instant cold game.

In between racing my incontinent bladder to the loo and maniacally punching buttons on the thermostat, I managed to squeeze in a little online price shopping for birth supplies and found everything I am going to need that I can't find at the pharmacy at a great price all on the same website. The results are as follows:

*Protein/Glucose Urine Strips - $14
*Eldoncard - $7
*3 oz. Bulb Syringe - $1.90
*Perineal Bottle - $ .60 x 2= 1.2
*Cold Pack - $2.40 x 3 = 7.2
*Disposable Mesh Panties - $1.40 x 3=4.2
*Overnight Pads - $ .45 x 4 =1.8
Grand total = $37.30 plus shipping

I think I'll order these as well as rent a doppler at about week 12. My midwife with Hamilton waited until 14 weeks for the first prenatal appointment so I think that's a pretty good time to begin charting my own prenatal care. I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow so I've got a little over two months until I'll need to order this stuff.

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