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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Evil Marketing Geniuses

And today's new symptom is (drum roll, please)...

TADAAAAA - Frequent Urination (I bet you're just tickled pink to know that I have to pee a lot, aren't you?)

Oh, those horribly evil marketing geniuses who manufacture the First Response Early Response home pregnancy test! They decided it would be a good idea to just throw an extra test into the box so I got a super value of three tests for the price of two (although I didn't realize this little added bonus until I was already home). And of course you know how my thought process went from there:

"Hmm, there's an extra test in here, how convenient. You know, I calculated that I could take one test at 8 days past ovulation (the banner on the box claims claims that this test can detect pregnancy 6 days before your missed period which is at 8 days past ovulation for me: Monday) and one at 10 days past ovulation with the 2-pack. Now that I have three, that changes the whole equation (mwahahahaha). Aww, heck, I'll just take one now!"

And so I did. And guess what? It was a Big Fat Negative. DUH! Ugh, I'm such a dork! Why couldn't I just wait a couple more days? Oh, I don't know... probably because I was tricked by those horrid marketers who knew that if they stuffed one more test into the box that there would be no way I'd be able to have enough will-power to keep myself from testing TODAY. I am weak; I feel so ashamed.

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