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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

So far, this pregnancy is fairly uneventful (if there are any morning sickness fairies or indigestion gnomes reading this, please understand that I am not complaining - uneventful is good). I do have some indications that there's a tiny, little poppy seed-sized baby growing inside of my body, however, but they're tolerable. Fatigue is probably the most prominent symptom as I sluggishly scoot about the house with my face on the floor and arms dragging behind. I've even contemplated propping my eyelids open with match sticks or toothpicks to conserve energy. I've never been a coffee drinker which is just as well since I am hyper-sensitive to caffeine but even if I were a java junkie I would have to hang up my mug for the next nine months anyway. Apples on an empty stomach seem to send my blood sugar spiraling out of control so I'm afraid I'll have to suffer with my fatigue for the next few months until I get the second trimester energy burst. I hope nobody in this house has any expectations of me. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a nap right now.

Last night we ran out after dinner to do a little shopping and put a deposit down at the bowling alley for Damian's birthday party. As it turns out Walmart still has some holiday swag left on the clearance rack. So, for $1.75, I just had to grab another Christmas outfit for Squishy. Normally I have to restrain myself from wanting to buy Squishy's entire wardrobe any time I go shopping but Walmart makes it easy; their selection of gender-neutral baby-wear is almost non-existent. Wow, I need to go do some jumping jacks or maybe plug the kids into the TV so I can squeeze in a cat nap. I'd prefer the latter but the former is the most realistic. *sigh* 

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