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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kentucky Woman

After a trip to the local grocery store here in Lexington, it has become apparent that I absolutely MUST make a local, native friend. How else am I going to learn what chitterlings are? I also encountered an entire shelf of bright purple pickled eggs - and I don't think it's an Easter thing. There are many, many more such things about which I am completely ignorant (hard to believe, I know but sadly it's true).

In my absence from here we have endured the stress, chaos and sheer hell of selling off all of our furniture, acquiring a storage unit and trekking 1800 miles across the country with our meager bare necessities. We have landed in Lexington, Kentucky where my skin is enjoying much-needed hydration via almost daily thunder storms. If we can survive tornado season then we should be ok.

Also, Squishy has grown substantially. He or she is now the length of a bell pepper, 5 1/2 inches long, weighing almost seven ounces. I'm titillated with the feeling of little fluttering kicks daily. Other than being exhausted from the move, I'm feeling pretty darned good now. I am back to eating just about anything I want without suffering eternal gastric damnation for it. My belly is growing a little more every week and will soon be the size of a Winnebago. Maybe I should be calling Squishy "Winnie" instead. Hmm, thought-provoking indeed.

I'm sitting on a pile of extra blankets and pillows contemplating an object with which to compare my expanding abdominal sphere of maternal development because we have nowhere to store the extra bedding and no sofa upon which to thoughtfully consider such queries. What better way to handle both conundrums? We are hoping that Josh's bonus will come soon so that we can begin accumulating furniture. At the very least we need a bed. Air mattresses are really not very comfortable despite the deceptively ecstatic smiles worn by the models posing in the picture on the box. And they become less comfortable as you add more slumbering yet restless occupants.

So with the bonus I will also be ordering my prenatal supplies. While I'm not in a big hurry, I also think that if I don't do it soon then it will become pointless as my pregnancy wanes, dwindling down to mere weeks and then days until delivery. So better sooner than later.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Relocation and Bubbles

Squishy is on the move. Laying in the bed this morning, ritualistically checking email, perusing craigslist, reading up on the latest news (aka Facebook) I noticed a subtle but distinct little bubbly feeling in my belly. I know what you're thinking: gas. And with my previous brief history of overwhelming flatulence, I can see how one might come to that conclusion. However, in the last few weeks the bloating buildup of  intestinal gas has subsided dramatically. My sweet little Squishy, who is now somewhere between the size of a lemon and the size of an apple, is big enough that when he or she moves I can feel it. How exciting! It just makes this whole experience that much more real. Of course in another four or five months when I'm all but crippled with sciatic pain and wetting myself every time Squishy moves, I might not be so excited but for now I'm positively elated and living in the moment.

In other news, my absence here has been for a reason. We are moving. And not just across town either. We're moving 1800 miles across the country to the beautiful town of Lexington, Kentucky. We have been wanting to relocate to Kentucky for some time now and it's finally happening. And what great timing! My morning sickness seems to have passed now - at least most days - and I'm not huge and uncomfortable yet. We'll be closer to Josh's kids which will save us thousands of dollars every year for plane tickets we won't have to purchase anymore. And we'll be swapping the insane heat, cactus, scorpions, javelina and kissing bugs (don't be fooled, kissing bugs are NOT endearing as the name would suggest - each time they bite their victim, he or she becomes more and more sensitized to the venom and will eventually suffer anaphylactic shock from a "kiss") for green grass, trees, four seasons, tolerable summers, and fertile top soil capable of bringing forth life-giving vegetation.

Consequently I've been packing, arranging our move, calling property management companies and utilities and desperately trying to patch up our current house so that we don't have to pay more than our security deposit for cleaning and damages. So far I've ripped up carpet, vinyl and linoleum; laid new vinyl; spackled the built-in entertainment center and painted it as well as the walls that the kids have artistically graffitied with various implements which bring forth permanent ink upon any given surface to which they are applied. This has been repeated a couple of times now because evidently my kids just can't resist white walls. The gleaming, flawless surface calls to them as a blank canvas to Van Gogh.

Despite the stress involved in moving, this experience is actually helping to alleviate the intense anticipation of waiting for Squishy. I'm no longer obsessively perusing craigslist and various online catalogues for baby booty. My dining room has been emptied of its furniture which has been replaced with what feels like hundreds of diaper and beer boxes (my sister, who is bartending her way through college, generously donated several beer boxes to our cause and we already had quite a few diaper boxes because I'm a pack rat and can't bring myself to throw away a perfectly good box) plastered with bits of masking tape labeled in fat, black Sharpie. Unfortunately, our move is going to happen in two stages due to financial unpreparedness. We're going to be putting at least half of our belongings in storage and taking only the barest of necessities along with us using a borrowed trailer. In a couple of months one of us will drive back to return the trailer and retrieve the rest of our possessions. If we time it just right we'll be able to pick up Tianna for the summer in the same trip.

Our move date is around April 21st so my posts here might be few and far between until we are finally settled. In the meantime there is still a lot of packing and cleaning to do.