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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Howdy Stranger!

Oh, I know you've missed me. And I've missed you too. This last month has been a little hectic with furnishing our home, visiting relatives, being sick and settling in. School is out for summer so that adds a new dynamic to my days now, too. But the good news is that we're all alive and well (that is, except for the chest congestion with which we've all suddenly been stricken).

Over the next month we will be buying beds for all the kids and decorating their rooms. I've also reluctantly decided to seek out a midwife team to oversee my prenatal care. Life is just too hectic around here and I could really use an hour or so away from home with no kids once a month. I found a place that, from the info on their website, sounds like they'll be a little more down-to-earth and a little more respectful than the allopathic chop-shop I visited in Tucson. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be open to my intentions. I really hate having to lie and fight for my rights.

Squishy is now 24 weeks gestation. This means I've only got 16 weeks to go before I get to kiss that sweet face. The excitement is mounting! On average, Squishy should weigh about a pound and measure a foot long, give or take. However, I'm still measuring pretty big for my dates - about 5-6 weeks ahead, actually. So I'd like to have another ultrasound. Hammy measured big too but it was mainly due to excessive amniotic fluid. And he only measured 2-3 weeks ahead. I joked I was going to birth a Volkswagen. I imagine this time I'll look like a parade float in another couple of months.

So far we've got most of Squishy's wardrobe acquired. We still need a car seat, swing and bassinet but I think we're going to wait until we're a little closer to the end to grab those. This summer will have us busy with my step kids which means an overdose of chaos. I think shopping is going to have to wait until the mayhem subsides and school is back in session. Then I can lose myself in baby heaven. For now I need to work on weaning Daisy and hopefully potty training her as well. So much to do, so little time.

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